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You don't always show it,
but I know that you care.
If I'd ever need you,
I know you'd be there.

You I'm glad you're my friend.
Your smile makes me smile.
Your pain makes me hurt.

I want you to know:
If you need me...I'm there.
to make you happy,
to make you laugh.

You My friend
Sometimes you make me mad,
but I can't stay mad.
Sometimes I want to get away from you.
And sometimes there's nothing I want more than:

to talk to you,
to tell you about my day,
to hear about yours,
to laugh with you,
to tease you,
to share an inside joke,
that no one else would get,
to argue with you,
but know we're just kidding...

Do you remember the time when...?
There are so many times.

Don't ever lose the wonderful person you are.
Stay happy.
Stay healthy.
Stay you.

I'll never stop being your friend.
Don't ever stop being mine.

You My friend
Just wanted to tell you:
I care.

Author Unknown - Submitted By: Patricia T.

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