You were just hit by a love arrow.

Unfortunately, this arrow was shot by Cupid's imperfect little brother Stu-Pid,
so it doesn't work all that well without help.
In fact, if you don't help out,
the arrow may actually give you BAD LUCK in love.

Think about someone you love, and scroll down..............











Are You Thinking?







Ok.....With your help, Stu-Pid's arrow may actually work!
Only one thing left for you to do now.

Forward this page to 0 people, and you will have BAD LUCK in love.
Forward this page to at least 2 people, and you can avoid the bad luck.
Forward this page to at least 5 people, and you will find a new friend soon.
Forward this page to at least 10 people, and you will have an enjoyable date with someone.

And if you REALLY want to go for the gold.....
Forward this page to at least 20 people, and you will stand a REALLY good
chance of meeting and starting a relationship with the person of your dreams!

(What did you expect, a guarantee? It WAS Stu-Pid, and not Cupid that shot you ya know! *haha*)

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