Special people in our lives
Don't often come along,
But when they do they touch us,
Just like a lovely song.

A song filled with meaning,
And move our very soul;
A song of inspiration,
That helps us reach our goal.

A song that makes our spirits sing,
Our heavy hearts so light;
A song that gives us courage,
So we won't give up the fight.

A song that makes us smile,
When we are feeling blue;
A song filled with laughter,
It makes us feel brand new.

You're like a lovely song,
So soothing to the heart;
A song composed by God Himself ...
A priceless work of Art.

You have been sent this poem because you meant something special to the sender. Please pass it on to the people that meant something special to you and remember to pass it back if you feel the same.

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1988 © Neil Mickelson ~ Used with Permission
Music: From the Final Fantasy Soundtrack


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