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A list of courses, offered by a group of concerned men, for women.

  1. How To Maintain Logic In An Argument
  2. Letting Your Spouse Dress Himself ("Ken Doll" Complex)
  3. Shopping Without Going Bankrupt
  4. Why That "Strong and Sensitive" Guy Is Not Always 6'2" With Wavy
    Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes
  5. Talking And Actually Saying Something
  6. Why Putting Down Other Women Shouldn't Be Enjoyable
  7. The Art Of Pantyhose Shower-rail Hanging
  8. Why Flowers Severed At The Stem Shouldn't Make You Happy
  9. Looking As Good At Home With Your Spouse As When You Go Out To Meet Strangers
  10. How To Cook On An Outdoor BBQ
  11. Why Cars Require Oil Changes More Than Once A Year
  12. Why Women's Magazines Can't Always Answer Life's Deepest Questions
  13. How To Wash Your Hair Using Only Shampoo
  14. How To Limit Your Shoe Collection So It Doesn't Span More Than One Room
  15. The Stress Of Not Being Blonde
  16. Why The "I've Got PMS" Excuse Can Only Be Used Once A Month
  17. The Lawn Mower Is Your Friend
  18. Madge and Mary Kay - The Icon Syndrome
  19. Tupperware - Breaking The Seal Of Addiction
  20. Short Skirts And High Heels - The Art Of Getting Ahead
  21. Why Forests Don't Have Electrical Outlets
  22. Men Can Have Bad Days Too
  23. How To Keep Phone Conversations Under 1 Hour
  24. Understanding That A Joke Is Just A Joke
  25. Realizing That There Are Other Drivers On The Road



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