Right Now...

somebody is thinking of you.
somebody is caring about you.
somebody misses you.
somebody wants to talk to you.

somebody wants to be with you.
somebody hopes you are not in trouble.
somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.
somebody wants to hold your hand.
somebody is praying for you.
somebody hopes everything turns out right.

somebody wants you to be happy.
somebody wants you to find him/her.
somebody IS him/her somebody is celebrating your successes.
somebody wants to give you a gift.
somebody thinks you are a gift.
somebody wants to hug you.
somebody loves you.

somebody admires your strength.
somebody is thinking of you smiling.
somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.
somebody wants to kiss you somebody wants to protect you.
somebody would do anything for you.
somebody wants to laugh with you all night long.
somebody remembers you fondly and wishes that you were there.
somebody is praising God for you.

somebody values your advice.
somebody wants to stay up all night watching old movies with you.
somebody wants to share your dreams with you.
somebody wants to hold you in there arms.
somebody treasures your spirit.
somebody can't wait to see you.

somebody loves you for who you are.
somebody loves the way you make them feel.
somebody praises God for your friendship and love.
somebody knows that you can be who/what ever you wish to be.
Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, we neglect our friends,
and these little things that friendships entail.
These things are precious, as are our friends.
They are forever, Do Not let them them go.


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