You've just been sent a bouquet of Genuine ICQ Flowers!!!

Hi! I think you deserve these icq flowers.

Thanks for being my online buddy!

These ICQ flowers are just a small gift from one ICQ'er to another. There is not any special occassion... It's just a token of appreciation for being a great friend. Send the flowers back to the person that sent this site to you to show them your appreciation... and send it to all your other ICQ friends! When was the last time you had the opportunity to give someone flowers for absolutely nothing? Seize this chance... and spread FLOWER POWER throughout ICQ!

Send it to a Fellow ICQ Buddy

Send to 5 people: You are working towards acquiring ICQ flower power.
Send to 10 people: You're kindness has gained you serious flower power.
Send to 20 people: You radiate ICQ flower power when you sign online.
Send to 30+ people: You're ICQ flower power is completely off the charts!


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