Oh No!
You're It!!!


Hello, and welcome to Cyber Tag!!

I'll bet you're wondering what that is, aren't you?
Well, it's just like when we were kids and played tag
only now it's a virtual tag game simply made to annoy
you ... LOL. You have 24 hours to "tag" a friend, or
relative. To make sure you are not it, tag all that
you can. There is no base, or truces. It's every
man/woman for themselves!! Don't worry, it won't
hurt. To become it, is when you get this letter, this
is the "tag" and now you have to send it to everyone
you know online. That's the deal. Every time you hit
someone, you have one less chance of being it. So
that means, no tag backs!!! Clear?? Well, go and
"tag" all that you can, and ask yourself this
question, "will it ever end?"

Tag some people now and RUN!!!


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