Friends so quickly come
And friends sometimes go,
But if a friendship is true
It will always continue to grow.

For the qualities of a friend
Are too many to describe,
But one thing is certain
They're never hard to find.

F Faithful and forgiving
R Reliable as well as receptive
I Influential and inspiring
E Educated as well as expressive
N Natural and nonconforming
D Daring as well as determined
S Sensible and sharing
H Honest as well as humorous
I Indifferent and individualistic
P Positive as well as patient

Always remember that
Friends have feelings too,
Don't forget little things that matter
Like saying please, and thank you.

They often do so much
To help us out everyday,
Which is definitely why
Friends are needed in every way.

So take not for granted
The qualities of your friends,
For you never know
When you may see them again.

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